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58 Phrases That Will Help You Be Your Best Self

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In time I’ve listened, noted, and gathered the following; a collection of sayings, bits of advice, stories, confessions, etc. The following are all things a very dear friend wrote or said. His words have given me more than he’ll ever know; hope, inspiration, encouragement, love, and so much more. Here’s to you, my dear friend, thank you, thank you for turning simple words into beautiful expressions.


1. Strength in adversity is a form of greatness.

2. If you don’t want to waste you life, start loving more people. A life was never wasted doing so, I’m sure.

3. Evil cannot be justified. The only thing we can do with the things that have hurt us is learn, defeat bitterness, and become more beautiful.

4. Honesty: being a slave to your fear is pitiful and so unattractive. You can’t find respect if you’re always running away. Be brave.

5. The…

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20 Cheap (But Awesome) Holiday Gift Ideas For Broke People

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Quite helpful especially since I don’t even have that much money to spend on myself. HAHA.

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Mass produce a specialty condiment

Most people no longer have relatives that make things like homemade jam, pickles, mustard, or salsa. You can whip up a huge batch of one of these items and buy a carton of pretty jars to give to everyone you know. It will only take a few hours of baking on afternoon and the gifts will end up costing less than $5 each. For larger gifts, make your own set of three different flavors of something like jam or mustard. Here’s a massive list of other cheap gifts you can make with jars.


Who doesn’t need a stiff drink after months of family get-togethers and awkward holiday parties? You can buy a few handles of vodka, infuse something interesting into it, and redistribute into pretty (smaller) bottles you can buy at any craft store. You could make Bloody Mary infused vodka, Skittles vodka

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6 Things I Can’t Help But Notice About Humans

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1. We are selfish.

Though we preach charity, love, and peace, we are a selfish group. We seek reward for ourselves in so many different aspects of life even when we do not realize we are doing it. It is rare to come upon a completely and utterly selfless person. It is important to note, however, that I do not necessarily see this as an automatic negative. Sometimes it is vital that we make conscious decisions that are focused on us in order to contribute to the greater good. Like most things in life, it is a matter of balance. The perfect balance of selfish actions and an awareness of the interconnectedness of our world, that your decision in some way affects everyone, everywhere in some way.

2. We think too much.

There is never a single, solitary moment in our short lives in which at least a dozen thoughts…

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I applaud myself for still having this blog and for beginning it an early age. I always thought that my blog would go global one day. It’s funny isn’t it? That at one point in everyone’s life, you think about that idea of being in the spotlight and that fame that comes along with it. Yes, I have neglected this blog for a while, but I have to keep reminding myself about it. It’s not like I don’t have that spare time, because I surely could make time to write for this blog and start expressing all my feelings & ideas, and sharing most of the events in my life. So I guess if I can just get into it more and just start blogging my mind away. Here’s another one of my tries to keep this blog alive. Here goes. Better late than never (again).

Start again.

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I’ve been neglecting this blog for over a year, and it’s come to my attention recently that I actually need this blog more than ever.

I realised how I should be using is blog to express these feelings that not much people know – and from the looks of it, there wouldn’t be much more people.

So let me rant, vent and just simply let out these somewhat suppressed feelings and hopefully one day, someone would understand what I’m talking about. Right now, this is all so I can get back to blogging.

Why have I been gone for so long? I guess my life wasn’t as interesting or it wasn’t fun to write about the events in my life. The current situation in my life seems to have come out of a movie or series, but not in the whole “I got swept away by this guy.” It’s more of the “WTF, there’s so much damn drama happening.” So I guess this will turn out to be a timeline and a place to put out my thoughts, feelings and ideas – actually anything that pops in my head.

Time to utilise the tools available to me. So hopefully, I’ll continue and I really hope this will be successful as I pictured it several years ago when I began this blog.

My mind is spinning

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I can’t focus at all… and it’s like I can’t make much progress.

I dislike days like this.

I need to calm down.

But how?


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I’ve been so tired lately. And school work is draining the energy out of me. I just need the Christmas break. That’ll be so great.

I’m going to blog another time of how much I love the Christmas feeling/spirit/vibes. The whole big deal about Christmas. I just love it.

So right now, I have to study. Bye.

It’s been a while…

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I’ve been really busy lately. School gave me a lot of workload.
And I’ve been having fun with my friends!
So let’s just say, I’m back.
Let’s hope I stick around and that things won’t keep me away.


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Well I suffered through panicking cause I fell asleep and haven’t studied, studying way too much and staying up and falling asleep with the papers and books laid out across my bed.

It’s just one more day and it’s over.
So happy it’s over.

Now it’s time for the fun to begin.


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I can’t study without music… It helps me. So right now.. I have to study, I have a test tomorrow. And a lot more tests to come next week.
Blog yah later. 😉