20 Cheap (But Awesome) Holiday Gift Ideas For Broke People

In Uncategorized on December 2, 2013 at 11:51 pm

Quite helpful especially since I don’t even have that much money to spend on myself. HAHA.

Thought Catalog

Mass produce a specialty condiment

Most people no longer have relatives that make things like homemade jam, pickles, mustard, or salsa. You can whip up a huge batch of one of these items and buy a carton of pretty jars to give to everyone you know. It will only take a few hours of baking on afternoon and the gifts will end up costing less than $5 each. For larger gifts, make your own set of three different flavors of something like jam or mustard. Here’s a massive list of other cheap gifts you can make with jars.


Who doesn’t need a stiff drink after months of family get-togethers and awkward holiday parties? You can buy a few handles of vodka, infuse something interesting into it, and redistribute into pretty (smaller) bottles you can buy at any craft store. You could make Bloody Mary infused vodka, Skittles vodka

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