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In Thoughts on May 23, 2010 at 1:15 am

So much changes are happening around me. And of course, there changes happening to myself. And I just thought about these “changes” lately.

People around me are changing. I know I can’t stop that. It’s their choice. Some people change for the better and others don’t know what they are turning into.. (hello, you’re hurting people) It’s kinda sad, but these things are inevitable. Sometimes, I try to stop them from changing, but I learned that you can just help through the process and just hope that they become better people.

But the person I thought of that changed the most was me. Looking back (and not very long ago, considering the fact that my age is quite young), I have realized that I have evolved into a different person. I changed some of interests (and kept some of course), I changed my style in clothing, I have different friends from when I was younger, I’ve come to learn new things, but the most important thing that changed was my attitude. I’m not that short tempered person, I don’t struggle to say sorry anymore, I have realizations that helped me, and many others, that right now I can’t seem to remember (makes sense that it is almost 2 am right now). But I hope that the changes that have took place, that shaped me into a new person made me a better person.

But right now, I’m enjoying my life. And with a few changes here and there, maybe it can be better. 🙂



In Uncategorized on May 12, 2010 at 12:04 am

So it was the first trip out of town for my family for this summer. And I enjoyed it very much. I tried to stay out of contact with my very good friend, the internet. But it seems that once in a while I would open my Twitter and tweet. But then I thought about it, and I told myself that I’m on vacation. I need a Twitter Break especially. I didn’t go on the internet for the rest of our stay at a beautiful resort my parents booked for us all.

I figured that, I have internet at home. And that since I’m only at the resort for the meantime, I should just go out and have fun and do things that I can’t do back home. So that’s what I did, and I had A LOT of FUN.

So, once in a while you should too. You should take a break and relax. 🙂


In Food on May 2, 2010 at 3:21 pm

This weekend was so fun and so full of strawberries.

My mom bought some strawberries for a party we were holding this weekend. But I didn’t know that they were for the party so I ate them. She was surprised and a bit mad, but then went off to the grocery to buy some more. This time, she bought a lot.

I was suppose to bake with her that afternoon, but then I fell asleep. I was in a very deep nap and no one could really wake me up. I slept for 4 hours and then woke up. I got dressed for the party and went down. There I saw a strawberry shortcake that my mom made. I kept my patience for dessert to come, and when it finally came, I attacked that cake.

I slipped away from the party and then I went upstairs. I went to the mini refrigerator upstairs and saw a tupperware of strawberries. And so, I remembered the whipping cream in the ref downstairs. I ran downstairs and poured some of that cream in a bowl. I got the hand mixer and started whipping the cream. When I finally had whipped cream I ran back upstairs and got the tupperware of strawberries.

I started eating the strawberries dipped in whipped cream. It was such a yummy dessert.

It was funny though, that night I dreamt of strawberries. Hahaha.