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Secrets aren’t good. Especially when it’s your friendship on the line.

It’s really not nice. And it hurts. 😦


Home Alone

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So, right now, at this very moment, I am home alone. Well my dogs are with me. But that doesn’t count.

Every single one of my family is out there, I don’t know where, having fun. And I’m just here, doing nothing. And I would like to say, it’s been a long time since I felt this kind of empty. Oh yes, there are a lot of empty feelings. But this one is different. I am not lonely, and NO I am not depressed, not that kind of empty. I am just really bored, and I really have nothing at all to do.

Right now, I just need at least a friend over the phone (better yet come over), but I don’t know what’s happening with any of my friends lately. And another thing is, I NEED TO VENT. I need to…like so badly. It’s like it is filling up inside me, and I just want to burst everything out. Oh, I really do wish that this night (not to mention that it is a Friday night) would be at least a little livelier.

I don’t mind being home alone, but this is just plain weird. I have nothing to do. I can’t even think about what to do. I feel a little bit lazy, but I just want to do something.

Just a while back, I was tweeting some things on twitter. Stuff like questions, analyzations, and then different feelings just started going in, and I felt like just tweeting anything that came in my mind, and I suddenly stopped thinking that if I say something that isn’t right, I wouldn’t want to regret it (well, there’s always the delete button, but..) or make a problem out of it. So I just stopped, exited twitter for a moment, and relaxed.

I am now relaxing with an ice cold Coke in my hand, and just wondering what to do next. But really, this kept me wondering: Why is that when you want to be alone, you never can be? And when you are finally alone, you just want to be with someone?

Well, I kinda get with the whole “you can’t always get what you want” thing, but really, why is it like this way?

So, I guess I better get back to thinking of what to do next, or thinking of what to do at all. (I feel like I’m a somewhat hypocrite for the fact that I am doing something, that is blogging..)

You’re the LAST to know

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It sucks when you’re the last one to know.

I’ve been busy with my summer schedule lately, and I don’t have that much time to go and spend my hours on internet (although I’ll love to do that..HAHA), and suddenly this thing pops up?

I just wish that because of my absence from the busy world of internet, I won’t suffer any consequences.

Seriously, I don’t think that internet is a bad thing at all, but it isn’t a bad thing to be busy with other stuff, like dancing my butt off every week (and I’m still looking for other things to do!)…

It’s just that, I wish that they would figure out that internet isn’t the only way to tell people things. I would like to be notified yah know.


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So it’s summer right now in the Philippines, and I promise you, the best place you want to be when you are here is at the beach. It is so so so HOT! I cannot stand the heat. I love summer and all but this is just so so HOT. Each move I make I drop a sweat.

Now, I can’t wait to go to the beach.

Anyone out there?

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Just wondering if there is anyone out there reading my blog. Hahaha.

I just came from my Dance Class and I LOVED IT. Can’t wait for my next class. But I have another class tomorrow but not the same dance. I think I am going to die in that class.

I’m really bored right now. And I’m looking for new series to watch.. Any suggestions?

Right now, I shall play games online. What to play?

Uhm, SUMMER? Yes, Summer Vacation. Can you please give me some things to look forward to? And some awesome excitement?

I’ll get back to you. Bye.