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I’m just so happy lately. And I would just blush here and there. I don’t know why. But I love the feeling.
I would just smile. I love it.


Just wondering

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You know that feeling when you tried and tried but you still aren’t there..?

Well, I have that feeling. And I’m just so so CONFUSED.

But I guess I shouldn’t give up. So I won’t. Even if I get a million feelings of that feeling, it won’t bring me down.


Cobra Starship

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I just came from a Cobra Starship concert, here in Manila. It was so AWESOME!! I just kept on dancing and dancing. I was screaming so loud that the people in front of me had to cover their ears, no joke. And I was just singing, like crazy.

Gabe Saporta, thank you for that kiss on the cheek. I am just swooning and blushing every now and then.

Vicky, you are so pretty. I love your voice.

Ryland, you were so good! Thanks for the tweet. 🙂  http://twitter.com/infinityonRy/status/11148221771

Alex Suarez, thanks for the first tweet!! Got me excited.  http://twitter.com/SUAREASY/status/11143722920

Nate, you got my heart pounding when you came out to check on your drums. Hahaha.

I had a really really great time tonight. A night I would definitely not forget. I was thankful I got the guts to ask Gabe that certain question, and run back to give the letter I made. I was speechless afterwards.




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I’ve been on a break lately from the internet. I shall be until my exams are over.

I cannot believe that my twitter hasn’t even been updated for 4 days. Hahaha.

I’ll talk to you after a week. Bye.

I’ve been…

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I’ve been gone for a while. Been concentrating on my studies lately. I was.. well am still working really hard. But it’s a tough world I tell you. And there’s always competition. But I will not let it get to me. It’s kinda annoying when you expect something to happen and then it doesn’t happen. “Everything happens for a reason.” I’ll just think of that, and know that I can achieve much more in the future.


And I know that I can do so much better next time. I WILL. Putting my mind to it, that’s all. I just gotta focus. Right now, I shall study even harder so that my grade will be high. I CAN DO THIS. I know I can.

By the way, just one more week till my summer vacation starts. And by then you will get to know me a bit more. : )

See yaaah!

I’m going to fight for you until your heart stops beating.

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There are so much things I need to do tonight. I shall stay up until 3/4 of the workload is done.

I CAN DO THIS!! I will not give up.

The Return.

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I am so excited! Gossip Girl is finally back! Cannot wait to watch the new episode!!

So, bye for now.

Status: Watching GOSSIP GIRL!



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I am so so tired. I really need my summer. I CANNOT WAIT FOR IT! But patience is a virtue and I shall just count down the days left until summer.

But right before summer, it’s going to be hell week. I have my exams. I really really need to make my grades high, like high HIGH. I can so do this!

Another thing I’m looking for is the start of my summer. I love how I am going to start my really sizzling hot summer vacation. Just you wait. I shall tell you soon.

Right now, HOMEWORK!


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Yeahp. It’s my break from studying. 5 minutes from now I shall be doing my homework and reading. I’m playing with my dogs right now. Hahaha. And I am with my brother right now watching TV.

Hmmm… it’s seems like a peaceful Sunday.
I need to finish everything I have to do today.


check it out —> http://twitpic.com/14p2o7


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Have you ever gotten that feeling of nervousness when taking a test? Or you just get nervous before something?

Then after you got over with that test or certain thing, you have a feeling of relief.

I love this feeling for some reason. But I have something to say, never ever run away from something. Just get it over with. Because the more you delay it, the more pressure and stress you’re going to have.

HAHAHA! Good luck then.